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Garden Bridge Materials & Limitations

All of our wooden bridges are constructed from pressure treated (tanalised) wood, available in two shades. Tannalised wood can be left outside all year round and will not require painting, although painting does increase the bridge’s lifespan. Applying a high quality water repellent finish or stain with water repellent to will help reduce possibly of warping, checking, and splitting. Our garden bridges can also be stained or painted in different colours, as with any wood. The decking boards that form the walkway are grooved to prevent your feet slipping in wet weather. All of our pedestrian bridges are available in two different shades of tannalised colour – brown (top) and natural (bottom) as shown in the picture below. All screws and other fixings used on our bridges are treated to prevent corrosion.

Any exposed wood, pressure treated or not, should be protected with a high quality water repellent finish or stain with water repellent to help reduce warping, checking, and splitting. Natural coloured bridges will initially have a green appearance that highlights the natural variations of the wood; this will weather to an attractive natural honey brown colour before finally fading to a driftwood grey after long term exposure to the sun. Brown coloured bridges will over time loose there colour and weather just as the natural colour.The colour can quickly and easily be restored with any wood stain applied by brush or fence sprayer.

The table below shows the maximum load bearing limits of each garden bridge available on our website. These limits are not to be exceeded at any time or this may result in failure of the bridge and personal injury, and is also in breach of our terms and conditions.

These limits are only for bridges installed correctly on the foundations specified on the installation page, as any substandard foundations may weaken the bridge.

If you require a stronger foot bridge we can build custom bridges to your specifications, please contact us for a price.

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