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Garden bridges

On this page you will find pictures and prices for garden bridges from our Peking Range. For any other sizes of garden bridge not listed or longer please see our Large arched bridges gallery or contact us.

They are all made from pressure treated wood, and are available in natural or brown colours. They can also be painted. Don’t forget we make our own bridges so if you don’t see what you are looking for we can also make custom bridges to your own specification contact us for a free no obligation quote.

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this is a test product (not for sale)

Solar Powered LED’s

Our solar powered lighting package contains 8 or 12 white stainless steel LED lights and a solar panel.

Under Bridge LED’s

Underneath Lighting For Your Garden Bridge

Our bridges are available with the option of having LED lights installed in the boards or on the underside of our wooden bridges. Please see below for more details on the differing options. Create a nice atmosphere with under bridge LED lighting, low power usage combined with stunning effect. See our LED installation video for a step by step guide-
  • Relaxing under bridge lighting effect
  • 12v Red, Green, Blue, White LED IP rated Waterproof Flex Strip Ribbon
  • 240v Power Supply Adapter with 1m Power Cord
  • 16 colour light changing LED's with remote control
  • IR Remote Control has 4 adjustable lighting modes
  • Low power consumption
  • Long life span 50,000+ hours
  • Certification: CE & RoHS
  • High intensity and reliability, easy and quick installation
  • Waterproof design for lights
  • Underside fixings & fittings supplied
  • See our LED installation video for a step by step guide

10 x Mains Powered LED’s

Our standard mains powered lighting package contains 10 white stainless steel LED lights, available in round or square, 15m cable to hub, and 5m cable to each LED and transformer.

Anti-Slip Boards

We also offer anti-slip boards as an upgrade. These high quality anti-slip boards are thicker than standard boards and have been tested for slip resistance in laboratory conditions in accordance with guidelines recommended by the UK Slip Resistance Group. The boards are tested to BS 7976-2:2002, to provide a ‘low potential for slip’ in wet conditions.
Wooden Rope Bridge

Rope Bridge Range

Rope bridges are a favourite addition to a garden used by kids, they have thick side ropes that gives them a fun unique look.
Duke Bridge

Duke Bridge Range

Stylish bridges with sloped hand rails, suitable for pedestrian usage. Can be customised with anti slip boards and LED lights.
Count Garden Bridge

Count Bridge Range

Arched Count bridges, practical wooden foot bridges that enhance the look of gardens and ponds.
Flat Garden Bridge

Prince Bridge Range

The Prince flat bridge range brings the practical use of a wooden walkway or crossing while looking very natural in most garden settings.
Imperial Arched Bridge

Imperial Bridge Range

Arched imperial bridges are available in a selection of sizes and wood colour options. The imperial garden bridges have dual side rails, and are customisable with options including LED lights or anti-slip boards. They are suitable for pedestrian access in outdoor spaces.
Koi Pond Bridge

Koi Pond Bridge Range

Koi pond bridges are designed to go across Koi ponds for easier pedestrian access but look great in any setting. They are suitable for pedestrians and make a stunning garden ornament which also offers a functional use. Available in a wide range of sizes and wood colour options but can also be painted to your chosen colour.
Peking Garden Bridge Range

Peking Bridge Range

Peking Garden Bridges feature two low side rails with ball caps, they can be painted to suit their surroundings or left unpainted. The Peking Bridge is great for access over water or as a garden feature, they are also very attractive in any setting.
Monet Bridge LED Lights

Monet Garden Bridge

Monet Garden Bridges feature two rails along each side for added support and safety. They can be painted to suit their surroundings or left unpainted with natural wood. Monet bridges are great for access over water, including streams or ponds, or a garden feature, they are also very attractive in any setting and are available in a range of sizes and colour options.
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